— gaudenz badrutt —

listen and watch:

– Kocher – Badrutt: Strategy of behaviour in unexpected situations (on bandcamp)

– strøm & Wolkokrots: Cryptcionsion (on bandcamp)

– Listen to the film ‚Quiet Novosibrisk‘ (related to the book ‚Quiet Novosibrisk‘) on vimeo (https://vimeo.com/159481236).

Jonas Kocher – Gaudenz Badrutt- Ilia Belorukov, live in St.Petersburg (excerpt of the CD ‚Rotonda‘)


Duo Hans Koch – Gaudenz Badrutt / excerpts from the CD ‚Social insects‘:

Gaudenz Badrutt solo: Nightmare (untitled) – a remix from imrpovised music workshop in a jail (released by Insub:

On vous parle de la prison – improvised music out of jail), also as download.

strøm – live at PiedNu, Le Havre 2011 (excerpt) / also on the CD ‚fold‘:

Duo Jonas Kocher – Gaudenz Badrutt / excerpt from the CD ‚Strategy of behaviour in unexpected situations‘:

Jonas Kocher – Gaudenz Badrutt / live at Rex Belgrade (in frame of swissmusicdays) 2013:



strøm live at Skylab, Marseille 2012: